A Native South Floridian, biblical principles were instilled in Katrina’s life at an early age.  From Sunday morning church services to in-home fellowships, seeds were deposited into her life.  Once Katrina reached adulthood, she knew there was a strong calling on her life, but she ran from the call like JonahShe was determined to live life on her own terms.   But, after encountering numerous trials and tribulations throughout the years, Katrina finally embraced the call March 2015 when encountering the prophetic realm.  Through much trials and faith tests, her ministry was finally birthed later that year; December 2015.  She was specifically instructed by God to name the ministry PATIENCE because there was something behind every letter in that name.

P-erseverance, A-ble-minded, T-rustworthy, I-nspirational, E-mpathetic, N-oble, C-ompassionate, E-ndurance

While she had all the characteristics of the middle letters of that name (ATIENC), she often found herself on the battlefield against the mighty twins called Perseverance and Endurance.  And because of that, she had absolutely NO PATIENCE!!!   It was then, that she understood what it truly meant to have the patience of Job.  Her story isn’t one backed by numerous high education college degrees or accolades.  She was handpicked by God to be an effective witness to individuals about the importance of keeping God the center focus of your relationships, and the consequences of leaving Him out of the equation.  Katrina has a passion for reaching out to individuals that are broken and are in search of reclaiming their self-worth.  She is an Author, Life Coach, Mentor and Founder of P.A.T.I.E.N.C.E. Love Ministries.